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Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

We offer a wide variety of Landscape Maintenance Services :

  • Weekly and Bi-weekly lawn mowing

    • Having a well maintained and manicured lawn is a great way of enhancing the curb appeal of your property. Weekly lawn mowing is optimal for most lawns health

  • Core Aeration and Dethatching

    • Aeration is a simple yet effective process. An aerator removes 2-4” plugs of soil from the lawn. This improves drainage and allows water and oxygen to the roots.

    • Removing the layer of thatch (dead grass, including leaves, stems, and roots, that builds up on the soil surface at the base of the grass) in the spring. Deadly (to the grass!) insects LOVE the moist and protective layer of thatch and will often lay eggs and multiply within it. Additionally this thatch prevents nutrients, water and air to penetrate the soil surface and reach the roots of the grass.

  • Fertilization and Weed Management Programs 

    • Our fertilization and Integrated Pest Management program incorporates pre-emergent weed control, post-emergent weed control and lawn fertilization to ensure a healthy green lawn! Our pre-planned schedule is custom designed to fit the unique and situational needs of your grass.

  • Mulch Installation

    • Installing mulch (wood chips) is one of the best things you can do for your garden! Mulch has numerous benefits: Controls weeds, retains moisture, maintain soil nutrients, controls pests, prevents soil erosion and best of all, it makes a tremendous aesthetic enhancement!

  • Hedge Trimming

    • Bushes and hedges should be trimmed 2-4 times per season depending on variety. A well maintained row of hedges can add a beautiful addition to any landscape.

  • Seasonal Cleanup

    • Our Spring and Fall Cleanup Services services focus on cleanup of accumulated dead grass, leaves and other debris from your lawn and flower beds. Our spring service manicures your property and prepares a healthy foundation for your plants for the upcoming season. The removal of leaves and branches during our Fall Cleanup service(s) are critical to prevent turf damage from decomposing leaves.

  • Gutter Cleaning

    • An optional upgrade to our Fall Cleanup Service. Prevent leaking gutters with a Gutter Cleaning service after the leaves have fallen!